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    19 Things You Know If You've Ever Had Your Long Hair Chopped Off

    You feel lighter and more streamlined for some reason.

    1. You spent absolutely ages deliberating and planning your dramatic change.

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    2. You've probably asked everyone you know what they think you should do with your hair, several times.

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    Unsurprisingly, they do not give a shit about what you do with your hair.

    3. While deliberating, you've also created a gigantic Pinterest board of hair ideas.

    4. When you finally take the big plunge and book an appointment at the hairdressers, you spend the entire run-up to the date vaguely anxious.

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    5. And at the hairdressers, you come prepared with your Pinterest boards of hair ideas.


    You spend a good 15 minutes on exactly what you want, then another 15 explaining what you don't want, just in case.

    6. Or maybe you did the complete opposite one day and just cut it all off on a whim.

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    Sometimes you just can't deal with all that literal weight on your shoulders.

    7. Once you did it, you were absolutely shocked by how much hair was on your head.

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    But tbh what's more shocking is the amount of hair that remains on your head despite so much having been cut off.

    8. You then spend the next few weeks just running your hands through your hair constantly and being surprised by its length each time.

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    9. If you got a particularly dramatic haircut, you spend ages marvelling at being able to see the shape of your head.

    10. You also have to go through several weeks of people saying "You got your hair cut!" every time they see you.

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    11. But that's also followed by a lot of compliments, so it's OK.

    12. You accidentally use far too much shampoo/conditioner/serum the first few times you wash your hair.

    13. But you feel like you must be saving so much money now that you need far less conditioner.


    14. You also feel really light and streamlined, for some reason.

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    15. You probably consider getting a whole new wardrobe to suit your new haircut.


    16. You get asked if you're going through an identity crisis at least once.

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    This is especially relevant if you've just gone through a breakup.

    17. You can't stop checking yourself out in reflective surfaces and being surprised by your reflection each time.

    18. You occasionally feel a pang of regret when you see someone with beautiful, long mermaid hair.

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    19. Until you remember how long it takes to blow-dry hair like that and the regret immediately disappears.

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