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    Posted on May 21, 2016

    21 Tumblr Posts That Perfectly Summarise Owning A Cat

    "I wonder if my cat would be jealous if she knew how many other cats I reblogged."

    1. This small price to pay for owning a cat:

    2. The perk of being able to choose your cat's name:

    3. This excellent thing that cats do:

    4. This other excellent thing:

    5. This beautiful gift:

    6. This thing that you've probably done:

    7. This totally true fact:

    8. This terrible betrayal we're all guilty of:

    9. This standard cat behaviour:

    10. This thing we all dream of doing:

    11. This awful injustice:

    12. The best thing that cats sometimes do:

    13. This correct response:

    14. This summary of being a cat owner:

    15. This succinct, but not exhaustive list:

    16. This excellent new religion:

    17. This unexplainable cat behaviour:

    18. This responsible cat-owner habit:

    19. This beautiful life philosophy:

    20. The purest and best feeling in the world:

    21. And the worst feeling in the world:

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