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    Literally Just 18 Dogs With Cute Lil' Kisses On Their Cute Lil' Heads

    These are the only marks you should leave on an animal.

    1. This happy boy:

    2. This bemused pup:

    3. This very loved and very confused dog:

    4. This very happy pupper:

    5. This pup, who seems a bit tired of all this kissing, tbh:

    6. This cutie:

    7. This bamboozled pupper:

    8. This happy dog with a big kiss right in the middle of his cute lil' face:

    9. This very handsome pupper:

    10. This angry guy who probably doesn't appreciate his lovely coat being marked by your love:

    11. And this victim of a merciless kissathon:

    12. This very noble doggo:

    13. This doggo, who now believes you must play with him as penance for the kisses:

    14. This beautiful dog:

    15. This stylish scarf-wearing guy, who doesn't mind the lipstick:

    16. This cute lil' pup:

    17. And this important rule to live by:

    The only kind of marks you should leave on an animal

    18. So next time your dog attacks your lipstick, remember that maybe they're just trying to return the gesture..