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    Posted on Oct 22, 2016

    18 Tumblr Posts All Lazy Pieces Of Shit Will Get

    Your favourite part of the day is when you get to go back to bed.

    1. This is probably your Tinder bio:

    2. This is another:

    3. You have done this before:

    4. This is your attempt at new year's fitness resolutions:

    5. You communicate via typos:

    6. This cat is your patronus:

    7. This snake is also your patronus:

    8. You always have this to look forward to:

    9. This is the ultimate conundrum:

    10. This is your main form of exercise:

    11. You don't appreciate Netflix's snark:

    12. You're very sensitive about how you choose to label yourself:

    13. This is the only gym you'll attend:

    14. You know which of Snow White's dwarves you'd be:

    15. This is your anthem:

    16. This is your main style tip:

    17. This is in your medical record:

    18. In fact, this is your general approach to everything on the internet:

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