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    Valentine's Day Isn't Terrible, It's Just A Nice Day To Show People You Love Them

    What's wrong with making the important people in your life feel loved??

    Okay, I totally get why people don't like Valentine's Day – it's gaudy, and if you're single, it makes you painfully aware of that fact.

    And if you're in a relationship then it makes you feel like you have to do something or buy something.

    But hey – guess what – you also kind of have to do something on your partner's birthday, even if you don't want to!

    I am in the midst of a very cute situation where a man bought a shirt for his girlfriend from me ( she doesn't know…

    Relationships are held up by doing dumb things you don't particularly want to so that your partner feels loved!

    And despite its origins, it's still an excuse to make the people in your life feel loved, which is only a good thing.

    Happy Galentine's Day from me and my girl (who everyone wishes was theirs)! 😎 So much love for you, and what is pro…

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    You don't need a special day set aside to let someone know you love them, but it doesn't exactly hurt either.

    "But it's a made-up capitalist construct designed to make you spend money" I hear you cry. Which is true, but aren't most holidays kind of made-up and used to pressure us into spending money?

    Waiting for January and February to end so my bank account can rest


    And unlike ~some~ holidays, it's just one day of the year, with no big run-up and unescapable songs dedicated to it.

    "What are your plans for Valentine's day?" Me:

    So if you don't care about it, then it's just a regular day, and nothing shuts down.

    And the love doesn't have to be romantic love, as Leslie Knope proved with Galentine's Day.

    In fact, this is the one holiday when you don't have your extended family asking you why you're still single and reminding you how much better all your cousins are doing.

    you don't have to be sad about being alone on Valentine's Day if you remember you're alone all the other days too

    Ultimately, it's nice to have a day set aside to celebrate love in all its forms and make important people in your life feel loved.

    So even if it's just a day designed to make you buy heart-shaped confectionary, isn't it really nice when someone makes the effort to give you some of that heart-shaped confectionary?

    If all fails, at least the chocolates are half price the next day.