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    19 Travel Videos That'll Either Soothe You Or Fill You With Intense Jealousy

    Someone give me the money to spend a month in the sun by an infinity pool, please.

    1. This perfect day in Seychelles:

    2. This incredible resort in Mauritius:

    3. This idyllic morning in Moorea, French Polynesia:

    4. This scene in Seychelles that's so perfect that even rain doesn't make it any less appealing:

    5. This supremely Italian scene in Portofino:

    6. This wonderful sunset in the Cayman Islands:

    7. This incredible swimming pool in Bali:

    8. This absolutely surreal scene in Bagan, Myanmar:

    9. This perfect evening in Anguilla:

    10. This fairytale tulip field in Germany:

    11. These stunning cliff edges in Capri, Italy:

    12. This amazing view in Santorini:

    13. This blossom-framed view of Notre Dame in Paris:

    14. This crystal clear water in Sardinia, Italy:

    15. This river in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand:

    16. This perfect day in Bali:

    17. This breezy afternoon scene in Positano, Italy that could honestly be a painting:

    18. These beautiful waterfalls in Zacatlan, Mexico:

    19. And finally, this beach in the Bahamas that's so perfect, you thought it only existed in stock images:

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