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    18 Pictures Of Capybaras Just Being Really Friendly

    Truly friends of the earth.

    1. They're friends with birds.

    2. Including little chicks.

    3. And with pelicans.

    4. And parrots too.

    5. They love emus, too.

    6. They're not scared to make friends with caimans either.

    7. And they love cats.

    8. Guinea pigs are part of the capybara friendship group, too.

    9. There's not an animal on this planet that won't trust a capybara.

    10. They've hung out with tapirs.

    11. They'll look after pups as if they're their own.

    12. They love the company of tortoises.

    13. Capybaras don't care who you are or what you look like.

    14. They just want to chill.

    15. They will be friends with anyone.

    16. Including with humans.

    17. Of course, they'll never neglect their own.

    18. We should all aim to be more like them.