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    Updated on Sep 17, 2018. Posted on Jun 8, 2016

    28 Tumblr Posts About Dads That Will Make You Laugh

    "Hi hungry, I'm dad."

    1. The ultimate, and final dad joke:

    2. This meta-dad:

    3. This sick burn:

    4. This next level dad joke:

    5. This dad's discovery:

    6. This lovely dad-wisdom:

    7. This very dad way of being accepting and supportive:

    8. This cool dad:

    Do you think some of the pictures are called cool.png and that's where they got their URL from?

    9. This Portuguese dad:

    10. This terrible behaviour:

    11. This scenario we all recognise:

    12. This pet fish:

    13. This oddly accurate summary of the questions you most often ask your parents:

    14. This smug dad:

    15. This dad with an appreciation for his wife's sense of humour:

    16. This princess:

    17. This forgetful dad:

    18. This other dad, who never forgets:

    19. This proud father:

    20. This sassy dad:

    21. This sage advice:

    22. This typical dad move:

    23. This excellent re-enactment:

    24. This worthwhile purchase:

    25. This game of Pictionary:

    26. This slight confusion and/or discovery:

    27. This dad, who supports feline art appreciation:

    28. This proof that Tumblr has been infiltrated by dads:

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