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17 Entirely Unnecessary Beauty Products That Actually Exist

For all those times you needed to bleach your bumhole and guard your camel toe.

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2. And from the same brand, here's some pubic hair dye.

Clearly, the most pressing question here is why purple is the only colour deemed "sexy" from this selection. Who made the executive decision that pubes are most sexy when purple?

6. In fact, face mask sheets in general are real popular right now.

But they are apparently really good, so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

8. Genital dye.

My New Pink Button / Via

Are you tired of your sexual partners shrieking in disgust and horror at your beige labia? No? Well, you should be. Start by paying money to smear pink chemical dyes all over your genitals.

9. Bumhole bleach.

IKB / Amazon / Via

But what good is a perfectly pink vagina to you if your bumhole doesn't match? Good news that the market has foreseen this and provided you, the consumer, with much-needed bumhole bleach. Buy it for the low, low price of £5.11.

10. Evian Mineral Water Spray.

Superdrug / Via

Literally just water in a spray can, for when you can't be bothered to drink. Just let the water absorb through your skin. Act like the single cell microbe that you are. Only £5.99 to perform osmosis.

11. A spoon specifically designed to scrape out the last bit of your products.

Beauty Spoon / Via

Do you hate wasting products, but don't want to just use any old flat, long and thin object to scoop out the last remnants of your foundation? Well then, this is the product for you.

16. Coloured shaving cream.

This is a shaving cream, except unlike normal shaving cream, it comes in different colours. Also, it has an "invigorating and reassuringly masculine" scent. This way, you can have fun and be reassured about your masculinity while shaving!

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