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19 Harrowing Realisations You Have When You Move Back To London After Uni

Has it always been this big and expensive???

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1. You'll soon realise that you're spending all your money on travel.

Forgot my monthly #travelcard this morning & paid 4 it; £16.40 for a peak daily travelcard in #London! #Ripoff


7. But, it's not all so bad; at least you can see every gig, play, or exhibition your little heart desires.

MLB Network

Because, whether you went to uni in a tiny idyllic town or a big city, a lot of bands and tour companies pretty much give anywhere in the UK but London a miss.


8. And if there is some bizarre trend or shop everyone is talking about, it's bound to be in London.

Waited an hour for a famous Molly Bakes Freakshake in London.


13. And you learn that being able to walk to wherever you need to go is a great privilege that you will never take for granted again.

18. Remember that shitty student flat you had that was always cold but had nice high ceilings and a living room?


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