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23 Things You Know If You Have A Monobrow

You learned the hard way that shaving in between your brows is a bad idea.

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3. Maybe you were blessed with fair eyebrow hair, so it wasn't too noticeable that you only had the one eyebrow.

But you still knew.


6. You might have even tried to shave in between to form two beautiful brows.

The '00s was a tough time for brows.


10. Or you were just too eager and left yourself with nothing but a few hairs.


13. Eventually though, you learnt how to look after them and shape them.

Or at least found a beautician you can actually trust with such an important job.

15. And then Cara Delevingne happened, and suddenly everyone who made fun of your brows is now trying to recreate them.

The bitches that used to make fun of me in school for having a unibrow are now the ones buying eyebrow extensions. @nadiaaboulhosn

They should pay you compensation with every brow product they purchase.


19. You feel great affinity and tenderness with anyone who also had a unibrow as a child.

I really miss my unibrow, it kept me grounded and humble


21. It might have even been the basis of some friendships.

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"Wow, we have the same eyebrows! Let's form a strong brow club and be friends." – You to an equally hairy rando on a drunk night out, probably.