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    16 Pictures Of People Behaving Like Animals On Planes To Completely Ruin Your Day

    How is any of this legal??? H/T @passengershaming and r/mildlyinfuriating

    1. This horror:

    2. This terrible situation:

    3. This guy, who is clearly unaware of the unspoken tray etiquette:

    4. This interesting passenger:

    5. This surprise invasion:

    6. This very threatening neighbour:

    7. This very entitled person:

    8. This EXTREMELY entitled person:

    9. This person, who thinks it's fine to just throw pistachio shells onto the floor??

    10. This living nightmare:

    11. This completely unaware person:

    12. This little shit:

    13. This person, who doesn't know how chairs are supposed to work:

    14. Whoever left these sunflower seeds in a seat pocket:

    15. Just, ugh:

    16. And finally, the owner of this:

    H/T @passengershaming and r/mildlyinfuriating