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    21 Goats Who Are Just Really Relatable

    You've just goat to see this.

    1. When you hear someone behind you talking about you.

    2. When you just feel like making an extra special effort to look nice, just for yourself.

    3. When you get off the plane for your holiday and you're already prepared for the beach.

    4. When you're going through something tough but your friend is supportive and empathetic towards your struggle.

    5. When you're a rebel and you don't give a fuck.

    6. When you've had a long day at work and just need to unwind.

    7. When someone tells you to do something that you were going to do anyway and you now no longer want to do it because it'll be like you're listening to their command.

    8. When your crush compliments you.

    9. The moment you get your first paycheque.

    10. When dinner is ready.

    11. When it's quiet at work so you take a cheeky snack break.

    12. When life is hard but you're strong so you keep holding on.

    13. When you and your pals stay late in the office and your managers leave before you.

    14. When there's a solar eclipse.

    15. When you've been vintage shopping and want to showcase all your finds at once.

    16. When you have a very important job interview.

    17. When you get your S.O. a present but that present is you.

    18. When you start thinking about how uncertain the future is.

    19. When your dad gets a new computer and gets you to help him set it up and it turns into a huge team effort.

    20. When you and your friends seem really weird to everyone else but you're in total sync with each other.

    21. When you accept that life is often cruel and unjust, but nevertheless you remain optimistic about the future.