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19 Times Tumblr Was Depressingly Accurate About Your Relationship With Money

Get rich or cry trying.

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1. This internal struggle we all know too well.

2. This life plan.

3. The endless cycle.

4. Never forget: Comparison is an act of aggression against oneself.

5. No one can hear your bank account scream.

6. This beautiful, and all too rare, moment.

7. This sad realisation that you cannot afford to reach your true style potential.

8. But if you could, this is how you would do it.

9. This ritual you go through whenever making a purchase.

10. The only appropriate response when someone asks you for money.

11. The crushing moment when you wake up and realise you don't have a swimming pool full of gold coins.

12. One of the many terrible things about being an adult.

13. The guilt that comes whenever you realise you're actually terrible at money management.

14. This has probably been used as a sext.

15. And this has probably been used as a rejection to a sext.

16. This plan has a few flaws in it but sure, OK.

17. This cry for help that we've all made.

18. This truth.

19. In summary: