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    19 Times "That Mitchell And Webb Look" Was Bloody Hilarious

    "That's numberwang!"

    1. These instructions:

    2. This slightly different retelling:


    3. This existential crisis:

    4. This excitable farmer:

    5. This helpful guide:

    6. This good point:

    7. This pretty accurate definition:

    8. This summary of adverts aimed at women:

    9. This summary of adverts aimed at men:

    10. This other accurate recreation of adverts:

    11. This hero:

    12. This reasonable reaction:

    13. This other totally reasonable reaction:

    14. This proof:

    15. This perfect summary of all Channel 5 documentaries:

    16. These unmade sketches:

    17. This capsule version of daytime TV:

    18. This moment of perfect self-awareness:

    19. And every single Numberwang sketch:


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