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21 Pictures That Prove Corgi Butts Are The Best Thing In The World

Or maybe they're pictures of loaves of bread? There's no way of knowing, really.

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1. How can something so small be so bootilicious?

Instagram: @smalls

8. And this squished loaf.

10. Have you ever seen anything so perfect?

Instagram: @lacorgi

11. This is a bum that loves you back.

Instagram: @supertripawsome

12. Look at this perfect, freshly baked loaf of bread corgi butt.

Instagram: @fluffyzion

13. This, clearly, is the secret to being so well endowed.

Instagram: @otimus_prime_

16. What's better than a corgi butt? Three corgi butts, obv.

Instagram: @hoppipolla_haru

17. Not a picture, but please enjoy this excellent real video footage of perfect corgi bum.

Instagram: @tibbythecorgi

18. This floating bum is truly spectacular.

19. Do these dogs know how blessed they are?

Instagram: @trinketbaby

20. Although, really, it is us that are blessed.

Instagram: @odinthecorgi

21. Blessed with the existence of corgi bums.

Instagram: @wilburbeast_the_corgi