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    18 Incredible And Very, Very Expensive Scottish Homes You Can Rent

    In case you win the lottery or have a spare grand just lying around.

    1. This amazing Loch-side retreat, perfect for a bibliophile.

    It has eight bedrooms, an incredible library and breathtaking views.

    A week here would cost you £2595-3995.

    2. These stunning cottages overlooking the dramatic Glen Lichd Valley in the Scottish highlands

    There are two cottages, so you can go with friends but also get a break from them when they start to grate on you.

    Such an experience isn't cheap, though, and would cost you £1200-1500 per week.

    3. This beautiful, bohemian country estate in the far North of Scotland.

    You can waltz around the 10-bedroom manor, pretending to either be a Victorian ghost or J. K. Rowling.

    Such a privilege will set you back £850 per night, or £5736 per week.

    4. This actual, real-life castle in the highlands.

    I'm pretty sure every fairytale illustrator ever was inspired by this exact castle.

    If you want to feel like an actual princess, it'll cost you the princely sum of £916 per night, or £6412 per week.

    5. These two modernist cottages, with views of Loch Broom.

    OK, remember that episode of The Simpsons when Selma marries Troy McClure and you see his house? Anyway I'm pretty sure this is exactly the inspiration behind these two buildings.

    To feel like a filmstar, you'd have to pay a cool £1150-1790 per week.

    6. If castles and mansions aren't your thing, how about this converted church in the Scottish borders?

    Cairns House is a converted church with five bedrooms, a pool table, a beautiful interior and maybe a few ghosts.

    Renting God's house will cost from £1500 per week.

    7. This incredible medieval castle in Fife, complete with tapestries and a four-poster bed.

    It even has one of those really long banquet tables so you can have an actual feast fit for a king.

    A night in a truly historic castle would cost you £500, and a whole week would set you back £3254.

    8. This whimsical treehouse/castle near Angus, in which every room is painted to look like a storybook.

    If you can't decide between staying in a castle or a treehouse, this is the perfect compromise.

    Whimsy comes at a price though, specifically £445-495 per night or £3265 per week.

    9. This sprawling castle set in Pitlochry, that can sleep 26 people across 10 bedrooms.

    This massive castle comes with its own port, because if you have a castle you probably have a boat.

    Unsurprisingly, it's eye-wateringly expensive and would set you back £12,100 per week!

    10. This Grand Designs-worthy forest retreat, with it's own private cinema screen.

    This beautiful lodge would impress even Kevin McCloud. It's also only 20 minutes away from Edinburgh, though it looks a world away.

    A night here would cost £1430, and a week stay here would set you back £10,731.

    11. This manor house, which looks like the dictionary definition of a manor house.

    This incredible 18th-century mansion looks like it's straight out of Downton Abbey. It's located in Inverkip, and is only a short drive from Glasgow.

    Feeling like the gentry would set you back £2,000 per night.

    12. This huge East Ayrshire estate, appropriately named "The Big House".

    It has 10 bedrooms and bathrooms (yes, every bedroom has its own bathroom) and can host up to 20 guests, and probably some really great parties.

    A week at the big house would set you back the very big figure of £21,976.

    13. This serene country retreat in Craigie, with an INDOOR SWIMMING POOL.

    Sure, a heated indoor pool isn't really historically accurate for an 18th-century manor, but it is bloody luxurious.

    Staying here would cost you £1200 per night, or £6755 per week.

    14. This beautiful estate that looks like the house you would buy when you got rich in The Sims.

    Kinlochmoidart House, near Lochailort, is set in huge grounds and has 10 bedrooms and sleeps 18 people. It even has a billiard room!

    Such beauty isn't cheap though, setting you back £3264 per week.

    15. This castle in Fyvie, that's somehow even more castle-y than all the other castles.

    It not only has spiral staircases, but turrets. You know, the things princesses let their hair down from, which is obviously the real marker of a good castle.

    A week in this beautiful, eight bedroom Disney-like castle would set you back a mere £1598 per week.

    16. This truly majestic mansion, which is decorated beautifully inside and out.

    Not only is it huge and beautiful, but it's just a 20 minute drive to Edinburgh, meaning you don't have to choose between a country or city escape.

    This experience would set you back £1200 per night, or £8400 per week.

    17. This particularly grand mansion in Clachan, that is actually super close to a beach, making it the most beautiful beach house ever.

    There are many things Scotland has no shortage of. Namely, grand manor homes and beautiful but cold beaches.

    This grand manor/beach house would cost you £1200 per night or £4583 per week.

    18. Of course, if none of these are quite within your price range, how about this rustic little treehouse in rural Aberdeenshire?

    Sure, it's a literal caravan in a tree, but it's only £17 per night and it's rated 4.5/5 stars! It was actually a prop for a film, which is presumably how and why it got into the tree.