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Eurovision Lyrics Make Oddly Effective Motivational Posters

It works far too well, tbh.

1. These lyrics aren't ominous and threatening at all:

Ashwin Vaswani / BuzzFeed / Via

Serhat - I Didn't Know (San Marino)

2. This ode to uniqueness:

Michael Durana / BuzzFeed / Via

Freddie – Pioneer (Hungary)

3. This could have been written by Freddie Mercury himself:

Brandon Morgan / BuzzFeed / Via

Sergey Lazarev – You Are The Only One (Russia)

4. This misunderstanding of what would happen if stars actually collided and how often such a cosmic event happens:

Teddy Kelley / BuzzFeed / Via

Poli Genova - If Love Was A Crime (Bulgaria)

5. This entirely horrific scenario:

Xu Wang / BuzzFeed / Via Flickr: wangxu94

Hovi Star – Made of Stars (Israel)

6. This threat to the postal service:

Anthony Delanoix / BuzzFeed / Via

Frans – If I Were Sorry (Sweden)

7. The spookiest lyrics ever:

Susan Yin / BuzzFeed / Via

Jamie-Lee – Ghost (Germany)

8. This really modern romance:

Krista Mangulsone / BuzzFeed / Via

Dami Im – The Sound of Silence

9. Truly motivational words:

Nathan Anderson / BuzzFeed / Via

Barei – Say Yay! (Spain)

10. Don't you feel really motivated and inspired?

Jordan McQueen / BuzzFeed / Via

Barei – Say Yay! (Spain)

11. This potential God complex:

Valeria Boltneva / BuzzFeed / Via

Ira Losco – Walk On Water (Malta)

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