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    21 Dogs With Opinions On Brexit

    "We must protect our borders and our sovereignty. Woof."

    1. Lars the German shepherd is concerned about his future as a resident of the UK as his total income does not reach the £30,000 threshold.

    "I have a family and a career here, and it makes me very worried about my future."

    2. Angela, of Croydon, however, believes that leaving the EU and the resulting lower migration will drive her wages up.

    "All EU citizens have the right to live and work in any member state, which frankly terrifies me, almost as much as vacuum cleaners."

    3. Adam, from Colchester, is concerned that remaining part of the EU diminishes Britain's sovereignty and control of its borders.

    "We must protect our borders and our sovereignty. Woof."

    4. This dog, who is originally from Eastern Europe and has asked not to be named, has married a platonic friend in order to get leave to remain in the UK.

    "I'm not prepared to take any chances. I had no other visa options."

    5. Margaret, who is from Milton Keynes, says that she is still sitting on the fence regarding the referendum.

    "I just don't feel like we have been given clear enough information to make a decision."

    6. Pierre, who is a student and has been living in London for the past year, had this to say: "I feel that it would be, how you say, a shame if ze UK would leave ze EU, but we French would not cry too much."

    "Ze British, they lack a sort of style, no? All zis talk of leaving, it iz so vulgar."

    7. Bernard, a young Swiss mountain dog, says that what the EU stands for is most important.

    "As a dual citizen of two European countries and a very good boy, I feel that the UK is an integral part of Europe and its membership of the EU is deeply symbolic and significant."

    8. Angus, a small business owner, has concerns about what a Leave vote will mean for his company.

    "On the one hand, we would be freed from EU regulation, yet we would still need to comply with EU regulation in order to retain access to the single market. So what's the truth?"

    9. Alan, from Oxford, says he is sick of paying £350 million to the EU each week.

    "And where is that money even going? Directly into the hands of EU bureaucrats, most likely!"

    10. Matt, from Brighton, greatly appreciates the EU funds put into university research.


    "My wife and I are researchers, and I can't help but wonder how Brexit would affect research funding at British universities".

    11. Mavis, from Swansea, is hoping to migrate to Spain when she retires and fears Brexit will affect her plans.

    "I just want to be on the beach, cocktail in hand. Will it be as easy for me to go if we leave?"

    12. Bruce, from Portsmouth, has mixed feelings about it all.

    "On one hand I believe the EU benefits us economically, but on the other I abhor the Common Fisheries Policy. I'm torn."

    13. Melanie is devastated that she's not old enough to vote.

    "While I'm excited that a referendum is happening, and anxious about what it could result in, ultimately I'm just annoyed that I'm not old enough to vote for another two years – it’s my future after all."

    14. Emily, from Richmond, is worried how Brexit would affect her ability to travel freely between EU countries.

    "Well last year I went on the most amazing gap year through Europe with my friend Stefan, and it was so easy to travel between other EU countries. I've something of an insatiable wanderlust and I really don't want to deal with long airport queues."

    15. Karen, from West Bromwich, has a personal motivation for wanting to stay in the EU.

    "My aunt Brenda is an expat. Would she have to come back to the UK? Every bloody time she sees me she makes a snide comment about why I'm not married yet. It's been bliss since she went abroad. I hope whatever happens, she stays there."

    16. Terry, from Hayes, has decided we should stay but admits it was not an easy decision to make.

    "Listen, I like to keep abreast of international affairs; my wife Linda says I'm forever on my tablet reading the news. So I know my stuff. And although I feel freedom from the EU could be beneficial, the potential short-term financial ramifications bother me too much."

    17. Harriet, from Bradford, worries about EU membership making it harder to deport criminals.

    "That's just one of a plethora of reasons I'm pro-Brexit. The current set-up is hardly ideal. There's too much red tape and to be honest, though we may struggle initially, fiscally we could survive leaving the EU and benefit longer-term."

    18. Robert, pictured with his wife Gemma, is glad of the EU work laws that affect UK residents.

    "Paid maternity leave is a godsend, and ultimately I believe that on balance, workers benefit from EU laws."

    19. Aaron, from Coventry, firmly believes that a points-based immigration system is unfair.

    "How can you value a human being to decide whether they can live in your country? How can you be so objective about something so subjective? Everyone has value, and I am perfectly fine with out current system thank you very much."

    20. Fiona, from Glasgow, is worried that no matter what happens, nothing will ever be the same.

    "We are a nation divided. If we leave, dramatic change comes. If we stay, won't all the words said, the heated arguments, won't they hang in the air like a thick mist of bitter confrontation and division? I fear no matter what happens, there is a single unwavering truth that things will change."

    21. And Toby, from Goole, is just tired of the whole debate.

    "At this point, I no longer care. I don't care if they make us part of the fucking Mickey Mouse Clubhouse at this stage, I just want to get through the day without someone mentioning bloody Brexit. Now if you will excuse me, I must lick my balls."