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    21 Dogs With Opinions On Brexit

    "We must protect our borders and our sovereignty. Woof."

    1. Lars the German shepherd is concerned about his future as a resident of the UK as his total income does not reach the £30,000 threshold.

    2. Angela, of Croydon, however, believes that leaving the EU and the resulting lower migration will drive her wages up.

    3. Adam, from Colchester, is concerned that remaining part of the EU diminishes Britain's sovereignty and control of its borders.

    4. This dog, who is originally from Eastern Europe and has asked not to be named, has married a platonic friend in order to get leave to remain in the UK.

    5. Margaret, who is from Milton Keynes, says that she is still sitting on the fence regarding the referendum.

    6. Pierre, who is a student and has been living in London for the past year, had this to say: "I feel that it would be, how you say, a shame if ze UK would leave ze EU, but we French would not cry too much."

    7. Bernard, a young Swiss mountain dog, says that what the EU stands for is most important.

    8. Angus, a small business owner, has concerns about what a Leave vote will mean for his company.

    9. Alan, from Oxford, says he is sick of paying £350 million to the EU each week.

    10. Matt, from Brighton, greatly appreciates the EU funds put into university research.

    11. Mavis, from Swansea, is hoping to migrate to Spain when she retires and fears Brexit will affect her plans.

    12. Bruce, from Portsmouth, has mixed feelings about it all.

    13. Melanie is devastated that she's not old enough to vote.

    14. Emily, from Richmond, is worried how Brexit would affect her ability to travel freely between EU countries.

    15. Karen, from West Bromwich, has a personal motivation for wanting to stay in the EU.

    16. Terry, from Hayes, has decided we should stay but admits it was not an easy decision to make.

    17. Harriet, from Bradford, worries about EU membership making it harder to deport criminals.

    18. Robert, pictured with his wife Gemma, is glad of the EU work laws that affect UK residents.

    19. Aaron, from Coventry, firmly believes that a points-based immigration system is unfair.

    20. Fiona, from Glasgow, is worried that no matter what happens, nothing will ever be the same.

    21. And Toby, from Goole, is just tired of the whole debate.