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Updated on Dec 23, 2019. Posted on Jun 4, 2016

24 Times Tumblr Summarised What It's Like To Be Dog-Obsessed

"We only use leashes because dogs can't hold hands."

1. This bittersweet feeling:

2. This lovely reminder that dogs exist:

3. This allegiance:

4. This awkward moment:

5. This natural reaction:

6. This lovely puppy gesture:

7. The most wonderful sound in the world:

8. This universal truth:

9. The most relatable Disney character:

10. This important announcement:

11. This zombie apocalypse survival technique:

12. This deleted scene from Jurassic World:

13. One of the many excellent things about dogs:

14. The most relatable kid ever:

15. The sweetest deterrent:

16. The main reason anyone gets married:

17. This conversation we've all had:

18. This absolute truth:

19. This excellent fitness motivation:

20. This solid guide to friendship:

21. The gratitude we all feel:

22. The reality of friendship with you:

23. This thing that we need to remind dogs about:

24. This look into your future:

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