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    18 Tumblr Posts That Are Just The Inside Of Your Head

    You'll be surprised how many people have had the exact same thoughts.

    1. When it reminds you of really important information:

    2. And then forgets information instantaneously at the most convenient times:

    3. Sometimes you just have to ignore what it tells you to do:

    4. It just really isn't helpful sometimes:

    5. It doesn't always coincide with your deepest desires:

    6. Most of the time you're really glad that no one else can hear your thoughts:

    7. And sometimes you wonder if you can even trust it:

    8. Because it can be very uncooperative:

    9. Sometimes it just tortures you for no reason:

    10. Or simply refuses to listen to you:

    11. And it's super fun when it does this:

    12. It also loves being entirely irrational:

    13. It needs sleep, but loves stopping you from sleeping:

    14. It also loves making things that bit more difficult:

    15. And gets into instinctive habits that don't make sense:

    16. It never shuts off:

    17. But hey, you literally need it.

    18. No one will understand you better than your brain.

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