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    17 Rather Arousing Posts For People Who Love Pasta

    Please be prepared for this to make you very hungry.

    1. This masterful lesson in making agnolotti:

    2. This satisfying dough-mixing:

    3. This mesmerising pasta-making in the window of a shop:

    4. These cute li'l cavatelli shells being rolled:

    5. This incredibly fine and precise soba being sliced:

    6. This very efficient tortellini-making process:

    7. This guide to making trofie pasta:

    8. This pasta being ridged, the old-fashioned way:

    9. This ravioli-making pro:

    10. This linguine being lovingly cut:

    11. These ribbons of tagliatelle being carefully rolled into individual portions:

    12. This strozzapreti being made with extreme concentration and care:

    13. These beautifully-precise paccheri:

    14. This pasta being rolled like wrapping paper:

    15. These carefully-made cannelloni pasta tubes:

    16. This ravioli being individually cut out:

    17. And finally, this super-satisfying pasta-making machine: