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    21 Wholesome And Pure Posts To Warm Your Increasingly Sad Soul

    There are some good things left in the world.

    1. This cat comforting this sad lil' pup:

    3. This mum helping out her baby:

    4. This ukelele fan:

    5. This update from Mum:

    6. This baked ode to a feline resident:

    7. This rescue story:

    8. This blurry friend:

    9. This gazelle:

    10. This beautiful new hairstyle:

    11. This perfectly round boy:

    12. This grass puppy:

    13. This breaking news story:

    14. This 101-year-old winner:

    101-year-old Indian woman wins 100 meter dash at World Masters Games in New Zealand as the only competitor in the 1…

    15. This horse just having a good time:

    16. This hungry pup:

    Can we just talk about how my dog begs for food?

    17. This sweet cutie:

    18. This girl asking her crush out:

    19. This Studio Ghibli-worthy scene:

    20. This puppy excited for summer:

    21. And finally, this cute lil' surprise:

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