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    Updated on Jun 20, 2019. Posted on Sep 17, 2016

    22 Wonderful And Deeply Accurate Tumblr Posts About Your Best Friend

    "You can delete your post, but you can't delete the screenshots my best friend sent me."

    1. This fair warning:

    2. This wonderful feeling:

    3. This utmost trust:

    4. This frustration:

    5. This terrible situation:

    6. This beautiful expression of tenderness:

    7. This wonderful moment:

    8. This wonderful affirmation:

    9. This reasonable attitude towards your friends' partners:

    10. This ultimate sign of affection:

    11. This retribution:

    12. This thing that you must always account for:

    13. This summary of your conversations:

    14. This comfort and support:

    15. This attempt at being angry:

    16. This friendship goal:

    17. This terrible betrayal:

    18. This slight anxiety:

    19. And this simultaneous total lack of anxiety:

    20. This wonderful thought you've definitely had:

    21. This accurate summation of group selfies:

    22. This thing that you must now go reblog:

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