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19 Things Everyone Obsessed With Skincare Will Understand

When you care about skincare a little too much.

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1. Perfecting your routine has been a long journey with a lot of mistakes.

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It's taken a long time to learn that exfoliating your skin into oblivion and picking spots won't actually make your skin any better.

3. Your morning and night skincare rituals signify the start and end of your day.

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10 minutes at night and in the morning just to yourself really helps ease you into the stress-fest that is adult life.

4. In fact, your skincare ritual is deeply ingrained.

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Muscle memory means that there have been times when you have come home in the wee hours of the morning, utterly plastered, but still managed to remove any makeup, cleanse, tone, and moisturise in a drunken stupor. Then swiftly proceeded to throw up and pass out.


7. It's actually a motivator to be healthy in all areas of your life.

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You gotta help out that £85 night oil. There is only so much it can do if you're not willing to cooperate and drink enough water.

8. Yet no matter how much you seem to ~invest~ in it, it never seems like enough.

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"Yes, this is a great investment" you say, buying your third charcoal face mask.


13. And you have definitely tried some of their more bizarre products.

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16. Nothing and no one is worth not taking off your make up for.

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18. You have 47845569865604 empty tubs and bottles to decant your potions and lotions into when travelling.

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MUJI is the reason you can still travel light.