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18 Things You'll Understand If You're Chill But Also Completely Not Chill

There's no in-between for you.

1. You basically only have two states of being: caring too much or not caring at all.

2. When people first meet you, they assume you're pretty relaxed.

3. And you really wish you lived up to that persona.

me, after 16 straight years of frenetic anxiety: maybe this week I'll be a chill girl

4. You literally have to reason with yourself sometimes in order to remain ~chill~.

5. And sometimes the chill side of you does not win the debate.

6. Other times you're shocked by how relaxed you are about it all.

7. Although maybe you're just really good at pretending...

8. You always think you're not clingy, until you are.

me: i'm not clingy me ten minutes later:

9. You make an effort to really organise some parts of your life.

10. Although you’re not that bothered if you actually do all the tasks you meticulously planned for yourself.

11. You really, really hate when people make too much of a fuss over you.

12. But you have absolutely no control when it comes to making a fuss over others.

13. Which means you hate it when people say things like, "No really, I don't want anything for my birthday!"

14. Your beauty routine is a bizarre contradiction.

15. In fact, it goes from one extreme to another.

16. You make an effort to avoid drama where possible.

17. Unless it involves one of your friends, of course.

18. Basically there is no in-between for you when it comes to chillness.