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    19 Cats Who Think They're Dogs And Dogs Who Think They're Cats

    You've got this all wrong, you guys!!

    1. You're a little big for that, pupper.

    2. Who ever heard of a cat playing fetch?

    3. I thought this was an annoying thing only cats did.

    4. And that this was a cute thing only dogs did!

    5. How did you even get up there, pupper?

    6. That's not cat behaviour.

    7. I didn't even know dogs could loaf.

    8. You can't fool us, kitty.

    9. I don't think you're in welcome territory there, buddy.

    10. You don't have to bring that back, you're a cat!

    11. I don't know what joy you can get from that, my pal.

    12. Or this, my feline friend.

    13. This not standard dog behaviour.

    14. Though this is very impressive loafing.

    15. And this is a very convincing cat impression.

    16. Well, if dogs can go on adventures, why shouldn't cats?

    17. The dogs don't even suspect a thing, after all.

    18. And who are we to stop dogs from savouring the joys of a cardboard box?

    19. Not sure how I feel about them acting like people, though.