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    21 Cats Who Have Got Their Shit Together More Than You

    To be fair, they do get nine opportunities to get this whole "life" thing right.

    1. It's Monday morning and this cat is already dressed for work and is waiting for you to get out of bed.

    2. This cat is entirely comfortable with making polite, intellectual conversation at dinner parties.

    3. This cat will have this shot and then stick to water for the rest of the night. This cat knows its limits.

    4. This cat is an excellent and conscientious driver, but is constantly annoyed by the reckless driving and terrible parking of youths.

    5. This cat can wear a beret, look stylish, and not feel self conscious about it at all.

    6. This cat finished all the work he needed to do well before the deadline, and is now taking a well-deserved break.

    7. This cat has only just started his career but has already been promoted to a managerial position.

    8. This cat already has a thesis proposal, and it's brilliant.

    9. This cat has never missed a 9AM lecture.

    10. This cat washes and folds his laundry regularly, rather than waiting until he is totally out of clean clothes and sheets.

    11. This cat remembered his girlfriend's birthday, and is about to surprise her with a romantic dinner.

    12. This cat regularly reads the news and has informed opinions on current events.

    13. This commuter cat likes to snooze on her way to work, but she's never late.

    14. This cat has no trouble with using the copier.

    15. This cat never forgets to put the toilet seat down.

    16. This cat wakes up early every morning to do yoga.

    17. This cat is going to spend her weekend doing sensible home improvements.

    18. This cat has just done his weekly shop and didn't forget the milk.

    19. This cat plays chess to unwind, instead of binge-watching Netflix.

    20. This cat has finally saved enough money to put down a deposit on his first house.

    21. This cat has paid off her student debt.