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    22 Cats That Are Prettier Than Any Human Could Ever Be

    Everyone thinks their cat is the prettiest cat. Everyone is correct.

    1. This gentleman needs a deal with a makeup brand ASAP.

    2. This elegant feline has legs for days.

    3. This is the definition of a glamourpuss.

    4. These siblings are actually otherworldly.

    5. This striking lady is really two cats in one.

    6. Look at this perfect angel.

    7. Look at this poised and elegant lady.

    8. Put this on the cover of Vogue.

    9. Don't you wish you could look this beautiful on a nature walk?

    10. Honestly this beauty is truly worthy of her crown.

    11. This perfect pair know their angles.

    12. This might be the most majestic picture in existence.

    13. How and why are cats so perfect?

    14. Like, no wonder Egyptians worshipped them.

    15. They totally deserve our respect tbh.

    16. Look at this beauty, no doubt surrounded by flower sent to her by her many lovers.

    17. Just so perfect.

    18. I'm overwhelmed.

    20. Look at this majestic beast.

    21. Wonderful.

    22. Lets hope we're all reborn as cats.

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