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16 Tweets Of Cats Just Being Cats

A favourite activity amongst cats is simply "existing".

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1. Trying their hardest:

2. Being a thief:

The photojournalist's dilemma: save your girlfriend's pasta or get the shot of a lifetime?

3. Being extremely patient:

4. Just, existing:

5. Putting their arms up for no reasons:

Can't stop thinking about this cat called Keys that just raises its arms for no reason

6. Helping you work:

Trying to work with cats around can be challenging

7. Telling lies:

caught him with his head in the trash can, eating trash again, so we made this punishment video!!!!

8. Watching. Always watching:

My friend’s mum was at the animal welfare league and apparently there's a cat that lives in the ceiling

9. Being extremely round:

I present u all with my grandpa's cat, panson

10. Being loving and accepting:

so my parents got this kitten yesterday and now my other cat thinks she’s her mama and is super protective over her and it’s just the cutest thing in the world

11. Being the opposite of loving and accepting:

Existing cat is NOT AT ALL impressed with new kitten...

12. Saying hi:

When you bump into your cat 1/4 mile away from home..

13. Holding things:

My son has been holding this chip for like 10 min

14. Being your angel and your devil:

15. Being a predator:

I LIVE WITH A TINY PREDATOR (sorry for my shriek)

16. And finally, being cute: