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    Updated on Sep 1, 2020. Posted on May 14, 2016

    19 Pictures That Show Cats Are Not Of This World

    They're too good for this world.

    1. Cats are clearly up to something.

    2. They're obviously preparing.

    3. Sometimes we catch them in the middle of their scheming.

    4. Or watching and observing us.

    5. But it's actually quite clear what is going on. They're obviously not of this world.

    They're too weird.

    6. This is clearly the behaviour of space blob, not a mammal.

    7. They've come to this planet to learn and master human behaviour.

    8. They've even mastered all our arts.

    9. Excelled at them, even.

    10. So it's no wonder, really, that they have such control over us.

    11. But they obviously miss their home planet.

    12. Some of them have seen far too much, here on Earth.

    13. It's really driven some of them to the brink.

    14. This cat here is clearly sending out a call to it's home planet via space rock.

    15. This one is still waiting for the mothership to arrive.

    16. Whereas this one has opted to build it's own spaceship.

    17. This guy has donned the traditional cat spacewear and is preparing to board the ship.

    18. This one must still has unfinished business left on Earth, though.

    19. And this one is well on it's way home.

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