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Can You Get Through This Post Without Your Heart Melting?

How long can you remain cold and stoic?

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1. OK, we'll start easy. Here are some pals.

2. Feeling good? Good. Here's an endless herd of kittens.

Instagram: @chiyo

4. And a very glamorous pup.

8. Or this truly wonderful man.

9. Maybe some very cute doggos trying to achieve world peace.

13. Has your heart melted into a puddle yet, much like the one that brings this dog infinite joy?

14. Of course it has. Here's some emotional support.


15. And here's some concern for your safety from Soulja Boy.

16. Just some more puppies, to really hammer in that heart-melting.

18. And this beautiful friendship.

19. And lastly, here's the mother of all appreciation twitter threads.