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18 Things You Know If You're Irresistible To Mosquitoes

They only want you for your blood, not your personality.

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7. But they are, and for this reason, camping and most summertime activities are actually hell.

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Camping? More like just offering up your body to swarms of tiny vampires.


9. You've probably taken some extreme preventative measures, like sleeping with all the windows closed and sweltering in the heat, just to avoid getting bitten.

10. And you've tried every bug repellant there is...

11. ...but it's no use. Your blood is just too delicious, apparently.

14. Living near water seems romantic to some, but it just give you anxiety because all you can think of is how many mosquito bites you'd get if you lived on a houseboat.

16. It doesn't even always have to be the summer, either.


There has probably been one rare occurrence where some particularly nasty gnat hatched in the middle of winter just to bite you on the arse, probably as a Christmas present.

17. The worst, though, is when the bugs don't have the decency to spread their bites out and just concentrate on one specific area, probably to spite you.

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And then one part of your body just swells the fuck up and everything is terrible.

18. You're probably a little ashamed of the joy you get from killing mosquitos and gnats.


Until you remember how shit they are and you're filled with rage and a thirst for revenge.

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