Are You Actually Really Gross At Home?

Do you spend your life in a bean-splattered bathrobe, or actual clothes?

  1. How do you feel about dressing gowns?
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    1. They’re an absolute must.
    2. I don’t have one but I ought to get one.
    3. I’m not for them.
    4. I never wear mine.
    1. Socks
    2. Slippers
    3. Fluffy/slipper socks
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      Ugg Boots
    3. Sliders
    1. No, what I wear out is also what I’d wear to hang out at home.
    2. I don’t have a clear division but I have some comfy clothes I wouldn’t wear out of my house.
    3. Yes! It’s gross otherwise.
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    3. Nothing at all ;) ;) ;)
    1. The moment there’s a stain on it, I’m getting rid of it.
    2. Only if I can’t mend them.
    3. I will literally wear it until it falls off my body.
    1. Every single day
    2. Every other day
    3. Maybe once or twice
    4. I honestly just wouldn’t shower
    1. Tracksuit bottoms
    2. Jeans
    3. Shorts
    1. Pyjama bottoms
    2. Leggings
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    1. That’s my only state, so immediately.
    2. The first time we spend the night.
    3. A few months in, when we’re established and comfortable with each other.
    4. They would never, I always make a bit of an effort.
    5. My only natural state is glamourous.

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Natalya Lobanova is junior staff writer at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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