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    18 Reasons Why Every Friendship Group Needs A Mum Friend

    They're the glue that keeps the rest of you together and relatively organised.

    1. The Mum Friend is the only thing that keeps the chaos of friendship groups in equilibrium.

    2. They are the reason why any of you actually get together at any point.


    3. And why you all get home safe at the end of the night.

    Even if they're super drunk too.

    4. They've probably prevented some truly disastrous hookups.

    5. And have probably stopped you from doing something stupid when you were meant to be doing your dissertation.


    Essentially, they've stopped you failing a lot of things, many times.

    6. And they've given you the ~reality check~ you desperately needed, many times.

    E! Entertainment Television

    It's hard to hear but always for the best.

    7. But they'll always be on your side.

    Buena Vista Pictures

    If someone hurts you, they'll be angrier than you are.

    8. They've probably taught you a lot about ~adulting~.

    Successful Adulting is Successful #MyWANA #succesfuladulting

    9. Because of them, you now know how to give a meter reading, how to complain, and how to stand up to your shitty landlord.


    Although you would probably still prefer for them to do it.

    10. They always have your best interests at heart.

    11. No group holiday would ever happen without them.


    12. And if by some miracle it did, it would be a disaster.

    Lost & Found Music Studios / Netflix

    Or at least, you would have no itinerary and would just spend the time bickering about what you want to do and end up not actually doing anything at all.

    13. You can always rely on them to have an umbrella/painkillers/tampons/hand cream/phone charger when you're out.

    So I probably have more makeup and essentials in my bag than most women! always be prepared...Boy Scouts! #bblogger

    They're prepared for every emergency.

    14. They're always the ones who know exactly what to do when one of you is upset.

    ABC Capital Cities Television Network

    15. And they're also the ones who make sure you all celebrate the ~big days~ of the year.


    Birthdays, holidays, that one perfect day of the year when a bank holiday and good weather actually coincide.

    16. They're always proud of you and your achievements.


    Especially usefully when you feel crap about yourself.

    17. Which also means they can really build you up when you meet someone important.

    Comedy Central

    They'll casually drop in all your greatest achievements into the conversation so you don't have to.

    18. You know that you can always turn to them in times of need, no matter what.

    20th Century Fox Television

    Even if it's 3am and you had an argument the other day and technically aren't talking.

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