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13 Animal Cafés That Will Give You Travel Goals

Why eat food alone when you can eat it surrounded by animals watching you eat it?

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1. Harry Café, Tokyo, Japan

Instagram: @sunasuna335

"Harry" is a play on words – it is similar to the Japanese word for hedgehog, harinezumi. Which is appropriate, because the whole thing is full of adorable hedgehogs you can pet whilst having a cup of tea.

2. Maison de Moggy, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Instagram: @youknowitisasecret

For those that find themselves in Scotland and really want an array of beautiful cats to stare at them intently as they eat their food, Maison de Moggy is the place to visit. You must make a prior booking.

3. Huskitory Café, Malacca, Malaysia

Instagram: @x

Though this is primarily a pet supplies shop, it also features a café where you feed yourself and nine huskies some treats. You must call and make a booking beforehand, as it tends to be very popular, unsurprisingly.


4. Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, London, United Kingdom

Instagram: @jonshearer88

As you would expect of a cat café in London, it doesn't just serve standard tea and cake, but also high tea – featuring tiered plates and the whole works. Booking is required for general admission as it's a very popular destination!

6. Meow Parlour, Manhattan, New York, United States

Instagram: @p3al2

At the Meow Parlour, you can rent time with the cats, enjoy some sweet treats from the patisserie, and maybe adopt a cat too! They accept some walk-ins in case of cancellations and no-shows, but it is best to make a reservation in advance.

7. Yokohama Reptile Café, Yokohama, Japan

Instagram: @usai_kitty

If you prefer your eating companions less fluffy and more cold-blooded, this is a must-visit. The reptile cafe ~employs~ geckos, snakes, lizards and even tortoises. There is also a good an extensive menu. Prior booking is necessary as it's very popular!


9. Inu Machi Café, Bangkok, Thailand

Instagram: @rrathaa

The Inu Machi Cafe is home to a whole host of friendly shiba inus, huskies and malamutes. The menu is diverse serving both traditional Thai cuisine and other foods, so you can enjoy a full hearty lunch and a cuddle with a friendly dog at the same place.

11. Fukuro no Mise, Tokyo, Japan

Instagram: @_pathport

Owls are obviously a little less tame than cats and dogs, so the experience at this cafe is more structured. You must book a session where you may meet many of the resident owls, with knowledgeable staff supporting and guiding you. After this, drinks and souvenirs are provided, but there is no real menu.

12. Sakuragaoka Café, Tokyo, Japan

Instagram: @chignon

If you'd like to enjoy a delicious meal whilst making eye contact with a goat, this is a good place to start. Unlike many other animal cafés, this places serves full meals and is a good place to stop for lunch or even dinner. The goats hang out in their own little wooden huts and are taken out for walks by the staff daily. You can also book to walk them!