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22 Things You'll Understand If You're Always Slightly Overdressed

Your wardrobe is in a constant state of flux.

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1. It probably started young. Your mum, dad, or some other authority figure was probably incredibly glam.

5. But you had to go through all that to be confident with your style now.

rip my awful fashion sense and emo phase #DubChallenge

6. Sometimes, even though your outfit is excellent, it isn't always appropriate.

of course it would rain on the day I wore my suede kicks 🙃


8. You have "off" days too but you never feel like yourself on them.

Me when I go out & see everyone & they momma vs. Me going out & seeing no one. 😩😂 #truth


14. You relish any opportunity to dress up.

That one friend who just took Halloween too far

17. Your wardrobe is probably super organised.

Because you want to see everything lest you forget about something beloved.