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22 Things Everyone Deeply Obsessed With Asos Will Understand

You see your DPD driver more often than some of your friends.

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1. You honestly probably don't even remember when you first started using Asos.

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2. You might have even forgot what life was like before it.

You know you have a problem when this is the size of the asos bag that comes

Did you used to go out into shops to get all your clothes??? Your purchases didn't just arrive at your door, like magical gifts from a year-round Santa in a DPD uniform?

3. You've probably formed some sort of vague relationship with your local DPD delivery driver.


The texts about your parcel arriving mean you're basically on a first name basis.

4. And also the people in the Post Office and the Collect+ store.

5. You're greeted with the familiar and comforting black and white packaging at least one morning a week.

6. But no matter how many times it happens, it's always exciting.

7. But your flatmates get annoyed having to sign for your packages so often.


8. As does whoever has to do it for you at work.

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9. You've ordered so much that you actually rarely struggle with the sizing.

Keyword here is rarely, ofc.
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Keyword here is rarely, ofc.

10. You're always checking the "New In" pages.


What new and wonderful things can I throw my money at today?

11. And you know how much of an enabler the "Saved For Later" option is.

Looking at my @ASOS save for later list like

12. Because you're always watching it for the moment items either go on sale or return back in stock.

When you've finally made up your mind about a dress on @ASOS and it's out of stock in you size.

It becomes a sick and very expensive game.

13. And you know just how dangerous it is to ~just browse~ out of boredom.

14. All of this is very, very bad for your bank account.

15. You try and be thrifty by only buying when there are special offers or extra discounts.

16. But deep down you know that those are just an excuse to go on a massive spree.

17. You're probably also obsessed with the magazine.

You're always excited when you unexpectedly find it in the mail.
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You're always excited when you unexpectedly find it in the mail.

18. It actually stresses you out when the website is down.

ffs asos it's been nearly 24 hours, some of us are addicted to online shopping ffs. Just need that hit.

Why won't you take my money???

19. Whenever people compliment you on your outfit and aks you where you got it, they already know there's a good chance the answer will be Asos.


20. But you feel personally let down and betrayed if the clothes don't look exactly like the picture.

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21. You have 324456532 Graze and EatFresh vouchers from all your orders.

22. That's OK though, because sometimes you get free chocolate with your order.