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18 Things All Beauty Snobs Will Understand

Your makeup wishlist is way bigger than your paycheque.

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2. So it's very important that it makes you feel fancy af, which unfortunately means it'll probably cost a small fortune.

When some clown tries to tell me I spent too much money on makeup.


7. You would actually rather buy less makeup that’s of a higher quality, than lots of cheap products.

me since I started wearing expensive lipstick


9. You're a sucker for buying the fancy versions of regular products.

Moma #Muji's cotton ear buds in black colour. Little joys of #Life.

Like expensive dry-shampoo, makeup remover, and even cotton buds.


13. You also have to regularly give yourself a stern talking-to in order to stop yourself from buying something that's definitely unnecessary.

Twitter: @SoReIatable

"But it's so pretty and it's got REAL PEARLS IN IT!!!" you say to yourself. "It's also £90 for a lip balm" your reasonable self replies.

15. You love cheaper dupes, but you know in your heart you'll always want to try the original thing.

When you're laying in bed thinking about all the new makeup you can't afford @calliminor94 @kelseystuart94

You need to try both, otherwise you will always be quietly longing for the original.

16. It's actually kind of scary how much you've spent on makeup and beauty.

What some guys think $80 worth of makeup is vs what it actually is

17. But your excuse is that this prevents you from buying stuff frivolously.

Nickelodeon / BuzzFeed

Sure, £35 is a lot for a single foundation, but at least you know you'll like it. You could spend double the amount trying to find a colour that's right in cheaper brands.