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The 7 Stages Of Spring Cleaning

No matter what season you do it in, spring cleaning is never easy.

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1. Ambitious / Via

"Let's get this sh*t done!"

You're ready to dive head first into the dark, deep abyss of Clothes that Have Not Been Worn in 5 Years.

2. Distraction

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"Ooh, shiny! Hey, my old NSync CD collection. Oh my lanta, there are all 5 of my fedoras and my Van Dutch hats. I wonder what they look like when I wear them all at once..."

3. Indecisive / Via

"But what if I finally do wear my prom dress again? I mean, it's old, but maybe kelly green with sparkles and a low back may be trendy again. I haven't had an opportunity to wear it but maybe it'll come. Maybe."

6. Accomplished / Via

"I don't need those clothes, and I finally finished cleaning. I'm a BAMF, dammit."

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