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7 Of The Worst Valentine's Day Stories EVER!

The unfortunate tales & despairs of Valentine's Day.

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Valentine's Day is full of romance, lust, cute cards, chocolates and that overall fuzzy-lovey feeling right?

These 7 stories will prove just how bad Valentine's Day really can be..

Rafal Olechowski

1. Valentine's Day Diet Gone Wrong.

"In an effort to look good in my dress for a first date which took place on Valentine's Day, I spent two days eating nothing but fruit. The day finally came, the dress looked great, & I felt awesome. I had to leave the date, half an hour in, and sprinted all the way to my car, and rushed all the way home - Bread and chips would not have betrayed me like that!"

- Grace, 23

2. Petty Revenge.

"4 years ago I was with my ex partner and it was our first Valentine's Day together. I'd been feeling quite unwell all day at College, I was feeling so unwell that I decided to text my ex, cancelling hanging out on the night. He didn't take it very well & got in quite a mood and called me selfish! After feeling really guilty, but still feeling sick, I tried to ring him to let him know I'd changed my mind, and to come to my house if he wanted. He never answered my calls and it turns out he was with another girl to get back at me for letting him down."

- Ashley, 22


3. The Drunken Third-Wheeler.

"Both me & my girlfriend both came down with the flu on Valentine's Day and spent our entire day being sick. I tried to be sweet and still made chocolate dipped strawberries and a fancy dinner but unfortunately, neither of us could eat it. We went to bed early only to be woken up in the small hours by a guy who had drunkenly made his way into our apartment. We had to call the police to remove him."

- Liam, 25

4. The City of 'Love'.

"My boyfriend & I took a super romantic trip to Paris for Valentine's Day. We were staying for 4 nights, and on the 3rd night, he decided to break up with the me at The Eiffel Tower with the "It's not you.. it's me" speech. The worst part is that we still had to sleep in the same room and take the train back home the next day. Talk about an awkward ride home!"

- Mandy, 21

5. He Laughed in my Face.

"In primary school, I had a crush on a boy in my class, but had never approached him before. I decided on Valentine's Day was my big chance so I bought him a box of chocolates, well my Mum did, and I gave him the chocolate at break time, he laughed in my face, and still took it! I still remember how heart broken I was to this day."

- Rebecca, 19

6. A Box of Flours

"I complained to my partner of 6 years that I never get flowers from him, no matter the occasion. The following year I got a box of assorted 'flours'. He thought it was absolutely hilarious, comedy gold.. Well I wasn't laughing."

- Marie, 25

7. Bags Packed on Monday.

"Last Valentine's Day, I woke up to my 5 year old daughter crying downstairs. She said that Daddy said bye to her and he’d be back on Monday. When I finally got a hold of him, he text me that he “forgot” that he had to work overtime this particular weekend. I had previous suspicion that he was cheating, but he had always denied it. We split up very soon after - And his bags were packed for him coming home on Monday. I’m looking forward to this Valentine's Day being single and not being cheated on."

- Nicola, 28

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