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8 Possible Ways Tim Burton Can Screw Up 'Beetlejuice 2'

Sources told Variety Monday that Tim Burton is in the talks of a sequel to his 1988 hit "Beetlejuice." Its been 15 years since the black comedy film hit the theaters, but recent Tim Burton projects makes it hard to believe "Beetlejuice 2" will be as good as the original. So, here are the 8 possible ways Tim Burton can screw up "Beetlejuice 2."

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1. An awkward plot twist

Though Beetlejuice isn't a remake like previous Burton projects such as "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory" or "Alice in Wonderland," there is the huge possibility that Burton will fall into the cliche of revealing a plot twist that is more awkward than beneficial. Maybe Beetlejuice will own and run a mortuary? Or maybe Burton will write in another case of my-father-never-understood. Though this may not be likely, it is still a possibility.

2. Casting Johnny Depp..Again.

Though it is always nice to spend quality time with the godfather of your children, Burton might make the disastrous move of casting Johnny Depp....again. Burton has collaborated with Depp in eight projects, and a ninth collaboration may just be one too many.

3. Or casting his wife...again

Though Helena Bonham Carter is a talented with multiple characters much like Johnny Depp, chances are that audiences would't be surprise if Burton squeezed his wife into another one of his films. Maybe staying within your comfort zone isn't such a great idea.

4. Not including some of the original cast of Beetlejuice

Though some of the cast of "Beetlejuice" would't have a real purpose being in the sequel, it would still be awesome of some of the original cast made at least an appearance.

6. Too much CGI

Sometimes less is more, and in the case of recent Burton films, the CGI doesn't work all the time. Though "Wonderland" was visually appealing, imagine how creative the set would've been if Burton was limited to the effects of his 80s' and 90s' films?

7. Not making it as weird as the original

We all have to admit: "Beetlejuice" was the trippiest thing we had ever least before we were exposed to "Ren and Stimpy." That being said, if Burton doesn't make this sequel as weird and gross as the original, well, it would be like he never made a sequel at all.

8. And finally...Not casting Michael Keaton

Though rumor has it that Michael Keaton will resume the role of Beetlejuice, if for whatever reason he doesn't, like maybe he dropped out or Burton replaced him with, ahem, Depp than this sequel is a failure. It will suck. Period.

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