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10 Things That Happen When You Find Out 'Friends' Will Be On Netflix In 2015

So, it finally happened. Netflix announced they will be streaming all 236 episodes of the beloved sitcom "Friends." I mean, its just one of the best television sitcoms ever... and its just every one of the 10 seasons you've watched and adore. No need to freak out, right?

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1. You watch the Rembrandts video a million times

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Netflix made their announcement by releasing a 4-minute video of the Rembrandts performing "I'll Be There for You," at Central Perks. Bonus: an older, but still adorable, Gunther is serving them coffee.

2. You tweet about your excitement.....and see other's tweets too

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This news needs to be shared! You can't just keep this to yourself. Yes, any person with a computer might have already heard this news already, but that doesn't mean you can't still freak out about it, and watch others freak out about it too.

3. You look up the Monica and Ross routine

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"Friends" will start streaming January 1st 2015, making it the best New Years ever. So, what better way to celebrate than watching the famous Monica and Ross New Years dance routine from "The One with the Routine."

8. You apologize to your 'Friends' DVD box set...cause really, Netflix is better


It was nice purchasing you 5 years ago but on-demand Netflix "Friends" has taken your place. Sorry, its just better this way.

10. You watch 'Friends' on Nick at Nite because you still can't get enough, but your heart still belongs to Netflix


You'll just want to watch any re-run and read every "Friends" article that will be published in the upcoming month, because you are too excited. And you'll thank Netflix every day until January 1st. Netflix, you truly are the king.

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