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Tyler Posey Just Shared His First Impressions Of Dylan O'Brien While They Were Both Auditioning For Their Roles In "Teen Wolf," And It's Beyond Wholesome

I'm gonna need to demand a reunion pic ASAP, please and thank you.

Teen Wolf alum Tyler Posey recently sat down with BuzzFeed to talk about his first times. And — before you ask — yes, it was great and cute and wholesome.

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The actor and musician dished on everything from his first celebrity freakout to his first makeout sesh. Of course, we couldn't let him go without asking about his Teen Wolf days and his first impressions of his costars — particularly Dylan O'Brien.

"I was wearing a Hurley sweater, which is a skate-surf company, and Dylan was wearing a DVS shirt, which is a skateboard company — the first pair of skateboard shoes I ever bought as a kid," Tyler shared. "And he had a buzzed head, and I was like, 'This kid looks cool.'"

Tyler and Dylan posing on a red carpet together
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And thus, a yearslong friendship was born.

He continued, "I immediately was like, 'What's this kid's deal?' Because as an actor, I grew up in a small town, but skateboarding was the biggest thing in that town — I love to skateboard, I love punk rock — and I didn't really fit in with other actors, so this was the first time I saw another actor who seemed like a normal kid like me. And then I found out that he was — he grew up in a surf town and skated with his friends and played in a band, and we fell in love that day."


In case you were wondering, Tyler grew up in Santa Monica. Dylan's hometown was Springfield Township, New Jersey before he moved to Hermosa Beach, California at age 12.

And just like that, a lovely bromance was born: "Like, we started fantasizing about, 'Dude, if you get this role, and I get this role, we're gonna move to Atlanta [where Teen Wolf was filming],' and 'I'm gonna bring a drum set,' and 'I'm gonna bring my guitar, and we're gonna start skating.' We really hit it off in a lot of ways. We got each other's numbers that day."

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So...when's the reunion/reboot? In June 2020, MTV reunited the cast for a livestream, and in October of that year, Dylan told Variety that he'd "jump at the chance" to get back to the Teen Wolf universe. In conclusion, what I'm hearing is it's time to get the band back together.

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You can watch Tyler's full video with BuzzFeed below, and stream his new EP, Drugs, here.

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