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Just 15 Hilarious Tweets About Skateboarding At The Olympics

Yeah...I totally watch skateboarding for the beauty of the sport.

Beloved readers, as you all know, skateboarding has made its official debut at the Tokyo Olympics.

Ezra Shaw / Getty Images

The sport features two disciplines: park and street. The former competition takes place on a skate park, which comprises a large bowl featuring curves and ramps. Park skateboarding sees high-altitude jumps, given the bowl's near-vertical sides.

On the other hand, street skateboarding features elements with (you guessed it) street-like obstacles, such as benches, rails, steps, curbs, and more off which athletes perform their tricks.

Most of us may not know too much about the high-intensity yet somehow also laid-back sport, and we're just here for the fun of it. Oh, and the sick outfits and equally sick athletes.

Xinhua News Agency / Xinhua News Agency via Getty Images

And also moments like this — which are just absolutely wild to behold by someone (like me) who can barely hold their own on a Penny board.

Picture Alliance / dpa/picture alliance via Getty Images

Without further ado, here are some of the funniest reactions to skateboarding's debut at the Olympics, for your viewing pleasure:

X Games


im watching olympic skateboarding, and although i have absolutely no idea what's going on, this shit. is. riveting. regardless

Twitter: @connorfranta / Via Twitter: @connorfranta


"Sk8er Boi" by Avril Lavigne is the national anthem that should have been played during the Olympic skateboarding medal ceremony

Twitter: @damarys_ventura / Via Twitter: @damarys_ventura

A grave missed opportunity occurred here.


to whoever added skateboarding to the olympics THANK U

Twitter: @mehalienshiitt / Via Twitter: @mehalienshiitt

The skaters depicted here are as follows: Men's Street Skateboarding gold medalist Yuto Horigome of Japan, Men's Street Skateboarding silver medalist Kelvin Hoefler of Brazil, Nyjah Huston of the U.S., and Men's Street Skateboarding bronze medalist Jagger Eaton of the U.S. You're so welcome.


my boyfriend literally broke up with me because i tweeted “i would literally fuck anyone on the us olympic skateboarding team”

Twitter: @Kaxlativez / Via Twitter: @Kaxlativez



this country is doing so well at skateboarding in the olympics


I feel very personally seen by this tweet.


Twitter: @lilsbury / Via Twitter: @lilsbury


ummm brb going to watch olympic men’s skateboarding... for the skateboarding of course

Twitter: @krisisk00k00 / Via Twitter: @krisisk00k00

I am looking at the Korean and French skateboarding teams in particular.


watching women's olympic skateboarding

Twitter: @Olivia_Britt / Via Twitter: @Olivia_Britt


my sexuality is women’s olympic skateboarding

Twitter: @edamamegoth / Via Twitter: @edamamegoth

I am looking respectfully at Aori Nishimura of Japan, Leticia Bufoni of Brazil, and Margielyn Didal of the Philippines.


Thankgod for whoever added skateboarding to the Olympics like what😍😍

Twitter: @thelouboutinguy / Via Twitter: @thelouboutinguy

For those wondering, this is Leticia.


Skateboarding becoming an Olympic sport is amazing because we can finally see skater boys create real goals for their future

Twitter: @sasponella / Via Twitter: @sasponella


I just know this lady cried as soon as she learned skateboarding became an Olympic event

Twitter: @CoreySalt / Via Twitter: @CoreySalt

If you aren't aware of this viral video, you can view it here.


*Watches the women’s Olympic skateboarding for the first time*

Twitter: @mikeyerxa / Via Twitter: @mikeyerxa


Me w 0 years of skateboarding experience: I have decided I will be participating in the 2024 olympics for skateboarding

Twitter: @lastooff / Via Twitter: @lastooff

15. Last, but certainly not least:

see mom if I woulda stuck with skateboarding I coulda been an olympic medalist

Twitter: @seamussaid / Via Twitter: @seamussaid