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    Just 16 Amazing Reactions (And Behind-The-Scenes Photos) From The Fourth Episode Of "Ted Lasso" Season 2

    The Higgins family celebration <3, Roy and Keeley and Phoebe <3, Ted and Rebecca's Santa shenanigans <3.

    Ho ho ho, Ted Lasso did not disappoint with its most recent episode.

    And there was singing!

    So, grab your sleighs and presents, and let's get into it.

    1. Of course, there's more to Ted Lasso than this premise, but like, it's also true! There's scores of articles that discuss the show's refreshing subversion of toxic masculinity.

    wild that Ted Lasso is massively successful bc the premise of “What If A Man Was Nice” is basically like science fiction

    Twitter: @JonnyAuping

    2. Truly the best little family.

    I think we can all agree that Roy, Phoebe, and Keeley are the best little family on TV right now and I want this photo framed #TedLasso

    Twitter: @noradominick / Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @noradominick

    3. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) and Keeley (Juno Temple) invented romance.

    Roy and Keeley are IT, that is all. #TedLasso

    Twitter: @carlylane

    4. Tears were, indeed, shed.

    Dawgggg this scene in Ted Lasso has me CRYING

    Twitter: @KevOnStage / Via Twitter: @KevOnStage

    5. Just lovely and marvelous and amazing and wonderful.

    #TedLasso They just pulled off the best Christmas episode we've ever watched and they did it in August. So much fun. So many smiles. We love this show,

    Twitter: @WhereTrueLoveIs / Apple TV+ / Via Twitter: @WhereTrueLoveIs

    6. Also mood, but if I was the chocolate fountain, you know?

    Twitter: @tiffanybeckwith / Via Twitter: @WhereTrueLoveIs

    7. This fan edit set to Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is *chef's kiss.*

    Twitter: @spectercollins / Via Twitter: @spectercollins

    8. Some behind-the-scenes action of the puppets that appear in this episode's on-the-nose festive theme song, courtesy of puppet fabricator Nikki Rice Malki. They were literally made by hand and took several weeks to finish.

    A few other pics of puppets on stage for the #TedLasso

    Twitter: @MrsMalki / Via Twitter: @MrsMalki

    9. More BTS!

    Just found this adorable ❤️ behind the scenes shot I took of @brettgoldstein #junotemple and #elodieblomfield during filming of Ep 4 of @TedLasso out today on @AppleTVPlus #tedlasso @junotemple_us

    Twitter: @NickyAustin20 / Via Twitter: @NickyAustin20

    10. Truly iconic.

    of all the wonderful things ted lasso has given us, this expertly planted deez nuts joke is just incredible

    Twitter: @AlexMcDaniel / Via Twitter: @AlexMcDaniel

    11. And let's appreciate this gem, because Sam (Toheeb Jimoh) is never wrong.

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night...after this awkward moment #TedLasso

    Twitter: @AppleTV / Via Twitter: @AppleTV

    12. Actually, though!

    I never wanted one of these before Ted Lasso

    Twitter: @ThompsonScribe / Via Twitter: @ThompsonScribe

    13. You know, I think Ted could definitely heal the Joker.

    JOKER: wanna know how i got these scars? TED LASSO: well call me george because i am curious, but like a subpar board game store i got no clue. now let me be like stephen king in the 80s and work on it for a while. now- JOKER (rubbing temples): ok you know what, nevermind

    Twitter: @ben_rosen / Via Twitter: @ben_rosen

    14. This full-circle moment with Keeley from Season 1, Episode 4.


    16. In conclusion:

    Anyway. Everything is bad. But Ted Lasso is so good. Watch Ted Lasso.