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    Here Are The Best Moments From The First Season Of "Ted Lasso"

    If you aren't watching Ted Lasso, then WTF are you doing???

    I'll be honest. When the Ted Lasso hype first started last year, I was confused. I thought all of my Twitter mutuals didn't care about sports. And then, they were all watching a show about one???

    Boy, oh boy, was I wrong. I stand before you today, dear readers, as a Ted Lasso convert and fanatic. And in celebration of the upcoming second season, I've compiled some of the best Season 1 moments.

    1. When Ted arrives in Richmond and faces the British press for the first time.

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    Not only does this really show how out of his depth Ted is, but it also displays his radical optimism, which literally never gets old. My favorite part of the scene is the establishment of the fizzy water gag and, of course, our introduction to Trent Crimm from The Independent.

    2. Ted Lasso, Rebecca, and biscuits.

    Happy National Boss Day! I love spendin’ each mornin’ with my boss, Rebecca, while she enjoys my homemade biscuits! Guess what the secret ingredient is?

    Twitter: @TedLasso / Via Twitter: @TedLasso

    I could write a 10-page essay (at least) on the symbolism of the biscuits, which pave the way for the beautiful friendship between Ted and Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham). And tell me you didn't actually tear up when it was revealed that Ted makes them FROM SCRATCH. No, go ahead, tell me.

    3. The surprisingly super-poignant article Trent writes after his dinner with Ted.

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    "If the Lasso way is wrong, it's hard to imagine being right. In a business that celebrates ego, Ted reins his in. His coaching style is subtle. It never hits you over the head. Whether that means allowing followers to become leaders, or in a show of respect, eating food so spicy it's sure to wreak massive havoc on his intestinal system. And though I believe that Ted Lasso will fail here and Richmond will suffer the embarrassment of relegation, I won't gloat when it happens. Because I can't help but root for him," Trent writes in his piece.

    4. The first time Keeley and Rebecca bond (and every other scene with them thereafter).

    5. Every time Dani Rojas says, "Football is life."

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    Dani Rojas (Cristo Fernández), who we meet in the sixth episode, is such a breath of fresh air. Although his lines are limited (truly, he mostly just says, "Football is life"), he never fails to deliver.

    6. When Nate absolutely drags the entire team to filth.

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    I'll just let this one clip speak for itself.

    7. The. Karaoke. Scene.

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    Hannah Waddingham can fucking sing!!! Rebecca displays her vocal chops when she emotionally belts out Frozen's "Let It Go." As an honorable mention, Sam Obisanya (Toheeb Jimoh) singing Oasis's "Wonderwall" is beyond pure.

    8. When the roles are reversed, and Rebecca comforts Ted for the first time following his panic attack.

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    This scene is a perfect callback to Episode 4, where Ted comes to Rebecca's aid after her breakdown at seeing her ex upstage her at a public charity event. Both times, the characters tell each other it's going to be OK. I'M NOT CRYING. SHUT UP.

    9. When the Diamond Dogs are actually a really wholesome portrayal of male friendship.

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    "It's just a group of people who care, Roy," Ted says. "Not unlike folks at a hip-hop concert whose hands are not in the air."

    10. When Ted put Rupert in his place with just one simple game of darts.

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    11. When Roy properly asks Keeley out.

    Tumblr: @warrenslayla / Via yourself a favor and do a deep dive on this dedicated Tumblr wall for Roy and Keeley.

    12. When Ted easily forgives Rebecca for the whole sabotage thing.

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    "I forgive you," Ted calmly and simply says. "Divorce is hard."

    13. Higgins' alt era.

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    I mean, this is just hilarious and speaks for itself.

    14. When Ted gives Jamie a toy soldier after seeing his father berate him.

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    Is Jamie objectively a dick? Yes. Does he objectively deserve Ted's unwavering support? Probably not. Will he get it anyway, simply because Ted is a lovable, wonderful human being? Most definitely.

    15. When Keeley comforts Roy after his injury.

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    Once again, you are the one crying — not me.

    16. And, finally, when Ted hit his head while leaving Rebecca's office.

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    As you all know by now, this was a complete accident, meaning that Jason actually did injure himself, and Hannah's reaction is 100% real. He's doing much better now, so I think it's OK to think this is the most hilarious scene in the show.

    What are your favorite moments from Ted Lasso? Let us know in the comments below!