Jimmy Fallon And Taylor Lautner Re-Created That Culture-Shifting Line From "Twilight," And I Want Another One Featuring Kristen Stewart And A Wig

    Please summon K-Stew next time!!!

    The Twilight renaissance has all of us by the throat, and Taylor Lautner — with some help from Jimmy Fallon — is getting in on the fun.

    In a recent guest appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Taylor channeled his character, the werewolf shapeshifter Jacob Black, re-creating an iconic line with the talk show host.

    "Jimmy, where the hell have you been, loca?" Taylor says in the clip, subbing Bella's name for his. He then moves in for a heartwarming embrace as Jimmy (who you'll notice was reading Stephenie Meyer's first novel) responds, "Hey, bud!"

    Where the hell have you been, loca? #FallonTonight

    Twitter: @FallonTonight / Via Twitter: @FallonTonight

    "It's brutal out there today, huh?" Jimmy continues, referencing the cold weather. "Oh, yeah. It's a cold one," Taylor responds with a wink to the camera.

    The original clip from The Twilight Saga: New Moon features Taylor's character (and his enviously long hair) running across a field to hug Bella. He jubilantly asks her where the hell she's been and spins her around.

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    While the film came out in 2009, the franchise itself has been in a renaissance for some time now. And late last year, the clip quickly overtook the internet to become one of the most beloved memes.

    it’s always “bella, where the hell have u been loca?” and never “bella, how the hell have u been loca?” 💔💔💔

    Twitter: @ufobri / Via Twitter: @ufobri

    Truly, pop culture was never the same again.

    It’s hard being a writer because you have to live with the crushing fear that you may never write something as timeless as “Bella, where the hell have you been, Loca?”

    Twitter: @KirstenKing_ / Via Twitter: @KirstenKing_

    Recently, the 29-year-old actor opened up about the intense spotlight he faced at a young age following Twilight's immense popularity. He called the experience "frustrating" and revealed that it got to a point where he was "scared" and too "anxious" to leave his house.

    Once the fandom-induced fame died down, it gave him a chance to reflect on his life. In November, he proposed to his girlfriend of three years, Taylor "Team Edward" Dome.

    Now that Taylor feels comfortable tapping back into his Twilight roots, I humbly request another homage video — preferably complete with a cool-toned tinge, envious wig, and Kristen Stewart!!!

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