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Yes, Sharkboy (AKA Taylor Lautner) Is Now Engaged, And Yes, You Are Aging

"Where the hell have you been, loca?" —Taylor to Tay while proposing, probably

What a dream, dream, dream, dream (dream, dream)! Taylor Lautner and his girlfriend of three years are now engaged!

The Twilight alum announced the news on Instagram with a lovely series of photos from when he popped the big question. Like, BRB, swooning from the hundreds of roses, the neon sign of his last name, and dozens of candles producing the perfect ~mood~ lighting.

The engagement took place Thursday, with the 29-year-old sharing, "And just like that, all of my wishes came true."

Tay — who is a registered nurse — also shared an image of the romantic scene. "my absolute best friend," she wrote. "I CANNOT WAIT TO SPEND FOREVER WITH YOU."

The couple have been together since 2018, first sparking rumors that they were together while attending a wedding. They confirmed the news shortly thereafter, with Tay posting a photo to Instagram with a cheeky caption (and eventual manifestation!), "IT'S WEDDING SZN (Not ours tho hehe)."

Naturally, the actor's comments section flooded with congratulations from figures like Nikki Reed to Patrick Schwarzenegger, who wrote, "IM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! LOVE YOU. And yes I'll be the flower boy."

Nikki said "Oh my goodness! This makes me want to cry! Congrats to you both [crying emoji, heart emoji]
Patrick's comment

And you already know fans offered their share of congratulations (and lighthearted jests):

kristen stewart and taylor lautner are both getting married and we are all OLD 😭💙

@justjared / @taylorlautner / Instagram / Via Twitter: @prettymagicx

The Taylor Lautner, Taylor Lautner prophecy has been fulfilled https://t.co/9DphhX9Svv

@PopCrave / Taylor Lautner / Instagram / Via Twitter: @jjasonduh

taylor lautner getting engaged to another taylor on red (tv) release day after being one of the only good ex’s of taylor swift gives me lifeeeeee i’m so happy for him

Twitter: @champagnewinter

this is what I call relationship goals. congratulations Taylor Lautner and Taylor Dome on your engagement 🥺❤️

Taylor Lautner / Tay Dome / Instagram / Via Twitter: @archivetwilight

Where hav u been loca??? https://t.co/7m8Obata1x

@PopCrave / Via Twitter: @Andromeda09__

Congrats to the newly engaged couple!